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Industry End Uses
CNC Wire Cut Dies, Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Plastics, Moulding, EDM Wire Cut.
Engineering & Shipbuilding Welding Electrodes, Brazing Rods, Wire Meshes, Rivets, Machine Screws, Fasteners etc.
Automobile Brake Liner Wires, Rivets, Springs & Carburetor Pins, Sheet Metal, Lamps, Wind Screen, Gears, Auto Components etc.
Electrical &
Machine Screws, Springs, Connector Pins, Electrical Cables, Lead in Wires of Lamps, CFL & Tubelights, Switchgear, Switches, Meters etc.
Garments Safety Pins, Snap Buttons, Metallic Zippers and Stoppers, Nylon Zipper's Stoppers, Jari etc.
Household Tooth Brush, Spectacle Frames, Imitation Jewellery, Lock's Lever Springs etc.
 Luggage Lock Springs, Stapple Wires, Rivets, Screws etc.
Defence  Artillery, Ammunition, Guns, Cannons, Bombs, Pistols, Cartridges.
Jewellery Artificial Jewellery, Strings, Clasps, Platings.
Musical Instuments Piano Wire.
 Transmission Lines Insulator Clips (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous).
Brushes Defence for Barrel Cleaning, House Hold, Industrial etc.