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EDM WIRE - Special Features

EDM Wire

We offer a comprehensive range of EDM wire, which are used in diverse industries. Our range can be customized and is offered at industry leading prices to our clients.

1. TECHNOLOGY :- SARU EDM Wires are manufactured from state of Art technology of Continuous Casting using only Virgin Raw Material. This gives the wire an unusually dense microstructure with very fine grain size and closely controlled, uniform chemistry and mechanical properties, there by increasing cutting rate by 10-15 % over other wires. In addition, the fact that throughout the process these wires are subjected to very stringent tests, ensures only the best quality wire reach the customers.

Continuous Casting & Wire Drawing Line

  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Rod Rolling Mill.
  • Heavy / Light Duty Blocks for wire drawing.
  • Wet Blocks for fine wire drawing.
  • Pit - pot annealing furnace.
  • Flattening Mills and turk head machines.
  • Hardness Tester.

Fine wire production

  • Precision wire drawing machines
  • Precision wire annealing machine
  • Automatic sealing M/C
  • Packing machine
  • Rewinding line

Zinc Coating Line

  • Pretreatment line
  • Coating line
  • After treatment line
  • Sizing / winding line
  • Filtration line
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Coating thickness tester

Q.C. – Facilities :

  • Tool micro-scope
  • Precision diameter measuring device
  • Universal tester
  • Conductivity tester
  • Surface tester

These state of the art machineries ensure high quality of wires that meet the international standards of quality and performance.